Final performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by the PACE Company, tomorrow night at the Rollmops Theatre in Boulogne-sur-mer! 

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Why is PACE company special ?

With our theatre company, the PACE company, we have a really special way of acting because of many reasons; Firstly our actors are very young so it makes a kind of challenge, but it’s not[…]


The actors

It was a rainy day. The Italian actors were very tired because they had to get up at half past four. After a long journey they managed to arrive to their destination, Boulogne-sur-Mer, where they met the French[…]


The Rollmops theatre

Have you ever heard of a town called Boulogne-sur-mer ? Probably not… But you should know that it is the Nirvana of actors and artists of all kinds. Indeed one of the main centers of[…]


The show must go on!

Last evening, the 26th of February, has taken place, at the Kennedy Auditorium, the performance of Midsummer Night’s dream, played by the PACE company. We’ve carefully observed the show and we’re here to analize it.[…]


After show actors’ reactions

We asked to two actresses, Lea and Aurore, to tell us something about their intrepretation of the Shakesperian play Midsummer Night’s Dream, which was performed last night at Kennedy Auditorium in Monselice. -Are you satisfied[…]


Trip to Buzzaccarini Park

This afternoon the Theatrical Group went to Buzzaccarini Park and they saw a lot of funny things: for example, a ducks’ clash and two dogs with their small coats (XD). They saw an icebox, where[…]


A spooky story

WARNING! NOT BE READ IF UNDER 99 YEARS OLD! This story took place many many years ago, in times that mankind has forgotten… It was a group of actors, some came from France, others from[…]